York County Humane Society Christmas for the Dogs & Cats 2012 Video

It’s that time of year again, and when I was asked by Elaine Siegel & The Humane Society of York County to come and do another video for the animals, I jumped at the chance.



Elaine’s family goes all out with Christmas lights every year.  Her families’ Christmas decorations feature animals doing a wide variety of sports and is one of the most decorated homes in all of Tega Cay.  You can see the lights at 7045 Chelsea Day Ln in Tega Cay, SC.  You can even make a donation to the Humane Society at her house.

Also, be sure to check out the 2nd part of the video to see many of the adorable animals at the Humane Society of York County.  You can use the link (above) to go directly to their website and look in the upper right hand corner where you can make a donation.

I’m proud to have a small role in raising awareness for the animal shelter.  Please enjoy the video, and if you can, make even a small donation.  If you could, please share this with others in hopes to raise as much money as possible for the dogs and cats.  Happy Holidays :)

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