Website Designed for R.R. Equipment in Lancaster, SC

As a long time video customer, I was really happy to have the chance to also develop the new website for R.R. Equipment in Lancaster, SC.   At the time we shot the Rebel Crusher video in mid 2012, RR had a web development company that had been working on a custom website for them for months, and kept promising big things.

Fast forward to over a year later.  RR was still waiting for their custom site.  The website development company was headed by a great guy with great intentions, but as of September 2013, RR still had only seen a mock up of a single page site, and it had been so long since the original website spec was written, it wasn’t what they wanted anymore.

Late September, AVT Marketing got the green light to start working on the site.  From a website development perspective, there’s nothing like working with engineers!  I received such a detailed website spec that I was able to run with the site and get them a mock up in about 2 weeks.   The owner told me he was thrilled, and we continued working on filling out the rest of the site.  By late November, the new site launched – within budget and on time!

One of the concerns customers with existing sites with good search results have is, “will I lose my search placement if I switch to a new site”?  And the answer is NO.  As long as the developer knows how to map all of the old pages to their corresponding new pages. You need to make sure the Google spider doesn’t hit a brick wall when it tries to spider the old pages.  Your developer needs to build a “bridge” from the old web pages to the new ones so that the Google Spider (and anyone who may have bookmarked your old pages) can easily cross from the old site to the new.   In simpler terms, the bridge passes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the old web pages to the new.

Having built the site using WordPress and a theme from one of the most reputable theme developers out there, RR’s site was built from the ground up for SEO.  Additionally, the site has a blog component allowing multi way communication between RR and their readers, and the ability to easily post and share their info on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others.  Additionally, the site is easy to use, easy to update, and can be updated by different users – none of which need any technical or coding skills to update.

As with all the other sites we build for customers, there are several layers of added security built in to the site, and the site has been built with scalability in mind for such things as a membership portal, eCommerce, and many other options.   You can see the RR site by clicking here


Our goals for our customers are great websites with predictable timelines and predictable budgets.  How can we help you?

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