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Amazing Video Tours / AVT Marketing is dedicated to helping Small Businesses with Social Media, technology, and Online Marketing education.

If you are afraid of embracing “New Media” because it is too technical for you, don’t worry, these videos / articles  are made with you in mind. We have distilled all the Technology down (without any pretentious techno- jargon) and hope that this will be the final “How To” you need to conquer the various topics!

From Social Media topics like Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress Blogs, to topics that  Amazing Video Tours does everyday like videography and photography – If we learn it, we share it, and you can benefit from it in these videos / articles.

What’s the Catch? Where’s the Fee?

No Catch, No Fee! All we ask is that if you like the videos, please:

We hope that you can benefit from the information in the videos / articles above.

But, if you Need MORE Help?

If you would like to have Steve Schwartz come to your Office / Event and speak, or if you need one on one consulting, please contact us at 704-288-5705