How To Make Money Using Twitter

I bet you’ve seen this claim before … and I bet it never generated a single penny for you, until now! (Note: Sarcastic spammy-ness fully intended). .

Ok, I’m having a little fun here, but most offers (to get you to pay) for a get rich quick scheme on Twitter, or get you thousands of Twitter followers in a short period will not make you money!  Additionally, constantly tweeting your business message to even an audience of tens of thousands will STILL not make you money. .

Wake up call – No one cares about your message until they know you care about them. 


So, how do you make money on Twitter?  LISTEN, INTERACT, ENGAGE!  Take an interest in others, build relationships, become a trusted source …… People WILL check you out, and when they feel comfortable with you, they WILL do business with you. .

Don’t order yet, there’s more!  If you use a 3rdparty software like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic, or any of the many others, you will be able to organize the fire hose of Tweets into neat little columns.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this video out.  Once you control the flow of tweets, you can now LISTEN and respond accordingly. .

Here’s what no one else is telling you – here are ACTUAL WAYS I’VE MADE MONEY USING TWITTER:  (spammy enough for ya?)

.1.  There’s a Social Media Conference I want to go to next week.  It’s going to have great speakers, and be a tremendous learning experience to anyone who attends.  Price of admission, $400.00.  BUT, the organizers of the conference sent out a tweet asking people to blog about social media conferences for a chance to win a free ticket.  I was LISTENING on Tweetdeck, saw the tweet, entered the contest, and was one of the lucky winners.  Money saved:  $400.00 (it pays to listen)!   Things I’ll learn at the conference that will make me even better at Social Media (and contacts I will make), we’ll just have to see!  Best part of all, this is the second time I’ve blogged my way into a conference – the 1st time saved me even more money!

2.  More than a year ago, Twitter was the smokin’ hot topic everywhere.  Newspaper journalists were hungry to find small businesses who were using Twitter for business.  When they Tweeted that they were looking for people to interview, I was LISTENING, and I responded.  Net result, an article including a description of my business, a little about me, and my contact info – all in the paper, all for free!  I picked up 2 new clients from those articles who are still using my services today.  Money earned:  Several thousand..

3.  When Twitter users started getting together IRL (in real life) and talking about it on Twitter, I was LISTENING.   I was excited to start putting faces to all the people I interacted with on Twitter.  I started going to “Tweet-ups” or, the meeting of geographically close Twitter users.  Results – Cemented friendships with people I’ve met on Twitter; A surplus of trusted individuals to employ when I need technical help with just about anything; A group of incredibly bright individuals to refer business to; and finally, business referrals sent in my direction.  Money earned:  Several thousand..

4.  The unknown income:  I have a comprehensive online social media marketing strategy including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blogging.  I get several new customers monthly who say they saw me “online”.   Some saw my tweets, then checked out my blog, checked out my work, and made my phone ring.   I don’t know how much of that came directly from Twitter, but I know that some of it did. 

.So, what’s the bottom line?  Using social media for business is hard, time consuming, and a commitment that you need to go “all in” to make work.  There are NO free rides, there is NO easy software that turns your computer into a cash register, and having a million followers will not make your phone ring if you have nothing to say..

Here’s hoping you’ll put in the time, use social media networks correctly, and not have to seek out any more How To Make Money Using Twitter articles ever again!.

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  1. Karen says

    Okay…I set up a page on twitter about a year and a half ago, searched for every person I could find in the Charlotte area (near our spa) and followed them, hoping they would follow me back. (which most did). Still don’t get it….now I’m following 1000 people that I could care less about 99% of the junk they’re posting and they probably could care less about my posts. Then I quit logging on to twitter because I became disinterested. Where did I go wrong?? HELP!! I need to get motivated again.

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