How To Build Your Own Computer (PC) For Beginners

If you’ve ever thought of building your own computer (PC) for the purposes of saving a ton of money off retail, building a better computer for the same amount of money as retail, or just for fun – you should absolutely go for it – it is not that hard.

Even though the parts inside a computer might look foreign and scary to you, it really just boils down to putting together a puzzle. There are a finite number of parts in every computer. Buying them all separately and putting them together yourself can save you a ton of money over retail.

In this 8 part video series, I walk you (step by step) through every step I took to get a table full of parts (as seen in video 1) to a fully assembled computer in use (as seen in video 8). This was my first build ever and the whole process took only a few hours.

It is possible to save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars by building it yourself. If you can do it in half a day, you’ve just paid yourself a hefty sum. Plus, there’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes with doing it yourself, and if anything goes wrong, you will (from your build) have a much better idea on how to fix it.

So check out the video series! My goal is to show you the steps and give you confidence that it’s not really that hard. Good Luck!

Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 1: Necessary Components


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 2: CPU / Fan / RAM Install


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 3: Power Supply Explained / Pre test


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 4: Case Wires Explained / DVD Install


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 5: Hard Drive & Power Supply Install


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 6: Mother Board Install & Test


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 7: Motherboard Connections


Build Your Own PC Computer – Part 8: Video Graphics Card Install


Hope this helped to boost your confidence and get you going on your first build.  Remember, there are many more How To technology and Social Media videos at Amazing Video Tours

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